Mississippi Southern First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Church of God In Christ

Women’s Department

Mother Frankie Davis Murray, Jurisdiction Supervisor
Bishop Daniel T. Littleton, Jurisdiction Prelate

Keep the faith

Lovely Ladies of the Lord:  Living a consecrated life of holiness, faith, diligence, labor, prayer, support and strength. 

Women of God, filled with the purpose of the kingdom building, it is our prayer that you are motivated and inspired to carry out the work of the ministry with patience and love.  Be it unto us to remain committed to teach the Word of God, cultivate, inspire, comfort and undergird the work of the kingdom in the home, schools, community and church.  We are assuredly committed to the work of the ministry throughout our various units, auxiliaries, circles and bands as intentional pursuits to help establish the kingdom of God in the earth.

We are intentional women of holiness, we open our mouth with wisdom and in our tongue is the law of kindness. 

We are lovely ladies of the Lord. 

We are the Women of the Church of God In Christ.   

Mother Frankie Davis Murray

Jurisdictional Supervisor

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